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The word “Hospitality” arouses the feeling of welcome and warmth, friendliness, and kindness. Seeing a happy smile in a content guest is the true hallmark of a successful hotelier. A truly defining part of the hospitality industry is the focus on ideas of luxury, pleasure, enjoyment, and experiences. It is a lifestyle product and lifestyle builder. The industry is made of people serving people making it a personalized service catering to varying guest needs. Hospitality is a vibrant and dynamic industry with fast-changing trends. Keeping apace with ongoing trends and further innovating to set new ones, is a secret to rediscovery, breaking monotony and success.
The trends are in all areas including hotel operations, marketing, and technology. The hospitality industry offers varied and diverse opportunities to those looking for a long term exciting career in people management with no two days being the same.
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Our Mission

We at Infinity School of Hospitality are committed to providing quality education in the dynamic world of Hospitality. We strive to scale-up existing and add to the talent pool by enhancing the knowledge skills and attitude of professionals aspiring to pave a successful career in the industry. We aim at making a connection between the industry and academia for a mutually beneficial long term symbiotic relationship.    

Our Founder & Director

Dhananjay (DJ) Kshirsagar

Founder & Director, Infinity School of Hospitality

Thank you for showing interest in the Infinity School of Hospitality and the newly launched SMART certification program. Being an active member of the Hospitality Industry, DJ is equipped with eighteen years’ experience spanning across three continents. Hospitality is a passion, that was ignited during his study and further fuelled during his work-life. With an equal measure of experience both in the industry operations as well as teaching, he has developed a capability of understanding the requirements of the industry and honing talent to cater to its growing demands. 

We Are Proudly supported by BCHA

The British Columbia Hotel Association is the advocate and spokesperson for the interests of the hotel industry throughout British Columbia

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